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Fleet Management and Tracking

(For Coporate Organisations, Transporters, Insurance and Logistics Companies)

The management of vehicles belonging to any organisation is best done with the help of the UniTrack Fleet management program.
Ranging from monitoring fuel level to driver attitude, UniTrack goes all the way with you to ensure accurate report and compliance.

We know how challenging it is to be a fleet manager or, for smaller companies, simply the person in charge of running a fleet of vehicles. UniTrack makes your life as a fleet manager a lot easier!



With high fuel costs and driver shortages, it’s now more important than ever to improve the management of your fleet so that you can lower operational costs, improve fleet visibility and driver satisfaction, while complying with regulatory requirements.

Maximize the return on your investment
Maximize Driver Satisfaction
Improve Fleet Fuel Management
Increase profitability
Monitor & Maximize Vehicle efficiency



Imploring our services empowers you with the following controls

Stop Engine
Resume Engine
Get Location
Ignition Alarm (Optional)
Power Off Alarm
Monitor Conversation
Battery Backup
Over-Speeding Alert
Get Exact Street Address
Geo Fencing
Automatic Location Update
Control Software installation on your computer 
Real Time Location view of Vehicles
On-line Monitoring and Control of Vehicle
24/7 Customer Support from our Technical Team



Speak (09035061847) with us today to activate this service

UniTrack servers have a 99.9% uptime. We are highly dependable. 

The prices below are subject to change

Number of VehiclesSetup Cost(₦) Cost Per Vehicle
 2 - 5199,000₦ 10,000
6 - 10299,000₦ 9,000
 > 10EmailEmail


Phone 1: +234-907-755-0414
Phone 2: +234-903-506-1847

For state of the art Vehicle Tracking, Fleet management and home security Services, Choose UniTrack. 


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